Beaches near LOL Resort

The 6 most beautiful coves near LOL Hotel & Resort, recommended by LOL Resort users!

We are privileged to be in the area where we are, the famous Costa Blanca. This name is given to that part of the Mediterranean Sea that bathes the province of Alicante.

Right where our hotel is located, LOL. We are talking about more than 200 km of beaches and coves, more than 200 km of special places and with a lot of magic.

Cala Moraig


Located in Benitatxell, it is one of the most photogenic coves on the Alicante coast. Many are the tourists who are going to take photos of this natural wonder, making it one of the best known. Without a doubt, its fame is well deserved since you only have to see photos to understand why people want to spend the day there.

Unfortunately, with the situation we live in, measures have also had to be taken on the beaches. For this reason, there is a limited capacity of 400 people to access the cove. The way to do it will be by appointment, only in this way you can access the beach. Once done, a QR code is obtained that will be shown to the controllers who monitor that everything is in order.

Cala Barra Grande


We can find it in Altea and what makes it a special cove is its difficult access. It is unmarked, which means that few people know it and that it is not very crowded. But in addition, the path to the cove is made of stone and accessing it on foot is difficult.

It is a nudist beach and it must be respected that this is the case, but this makes it more striking since it is a place with a special charm. It has no parking or surveillance, with which bathers have freedom, but at the same time responsibility with the enclave.

Racó del Conill


This cove with a nudist tradition is located in La Vila Joiosa and is somewhat controversial with the issue of nudism. Although the law does not prohibit access to people with swimsuits, in the cove itself, bathers are asked to respect this tradition. In addition, if photographs are to be taken, they do not take people exercising that right.

The cove is made of stone and sand, but its dimensions are very small, it is barely 150 meters long. It has free parking and a nearby beach bar, ideal to go for a drink after a swim.

La Cala del Metge


Located in l’Alfàs del Pi, within the Serra Gelada natural park, it is a cove with difficult access and must be taken into account before going. It is virgin and attracts attention for being located between cliffs, which is spectacular to look at. Ideal for snorkeling, you should take advantage of the daylight hours, since the cliffs can cast shadows in some places.

That it is a cove in the middle of a natural park entails a responsibility for bathers. You have to respect the place, going along the marked paths and following the access guidelines to the cove.


Cala Pinets


This cove located in Benissa is special for the pine trees that surround it, but also for its crystal clear waters. There is a division of the cove into two areas, one of sand and the other of rock. It is a very intimate cove due to its small size, which makes it possible to fill up quickly.

What is most striking is the proximity to “La Mar Morta” which is a natural pool. It is protected by rocks, with which the waves do not affect and thus, being able to bathe with smaller children safely.

Cala Granadella


According to the opinions of the people who visit the Costa Blanca, Cala Granadella is one of the most beautiful in Alicante. Located in Jávea, it is characterized by the immense cliffs that cut it out, the stones and the crystal clear water. But not only that, on sunny days you can see water with incredible turquoise tones.

You have the option of doing different water activities in it and it also has two beach bars nearby. In them you can eat or simply have a drink while enjoying one of the most charming places in the province of Alicante.


If you are at LOL Hotel & Resort, enjoy these wonderful beaches (if you haven’t already)


At LOL we recommend all these places so that you can enjoy the most welcoming and spectacular enclaves in the area. All of them are a few kilometers away from our resort.

In this way, you can think of a visit to one of these coves to enjoy a relaxing vacation. We encourage you to choose the one that has convinced you the most and do not hesitate to spend a morning under the sun in these unique points of the Mediterranean.

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