The Antonyo Marest murals

The art at LOL Hotel & Resort has a first and last name: Antonyo Marest Come and surprise you with his murals!


Something very important in hotel complexes like ours is to give it a unique personality. Making LOL Hotel & Resort special was a priority for all of us, so we started to think about how we could do it.

Gathering ideas and information we reached several key points. We had to color the most visible places in LOL, paint the hotel, come on. Especially where people could spend more time, but also at the entrances or reception. Then the question arose, how do we paint it? Because it has to be colorful and represent that fun, fresh air, a touch of rebellion, personality and, of course, originality. So we had it clear.

Antonyo Marest who is he?

The Alicante artist is a painter, sculptor and designer who has grown professionally within urban art. It is within this movement where he has carried out all his work, from his beginnings in graffiti to the present day. In Spain he is one of the references of street art, since he has traveled all over the world carrying out different projects.

We not only find his work in painting, but we can also see him comfortable in interior design or graphic design. He has developed works in premises, he has made posters, even some clothing designed by him. A multidisciplinary artist with a very marked style.

The best known works of Antonyo Marest from Alicante.

He has been in both group and individual exhibitions in different countries, making his work known internationally. Here we leave you a list of those works where Antonyo Marest has left his mark.

The Mural of Inclusion: At the Tomás Bretón school. His intention was to vindicate the role of urban art as a method of social inclusion. In addition, it was carried out jointly with students, including the disabled.

Skate park in Rabat: He was in charge of painting the floor of the largest skate park in Africa.
Patio Interior ME Madrid: Four murals in the Plaza de Santa Ana, with that characteristic geometric line of Antonyo Marest.
Andalusian Tropicalism: Mural at the University of Seville, at the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Plasencia: Joint decoration with Misterpio and JMBrea of ​​three buildings in the Procasa neighborhood.

Why him at LOL Resort? Characteristics of his work



Antonyo Marest has many artistic references, ranging from abstract expressionism to pop art. References that have been forming their own and very striking style. We are talking about “tropicalismo”, which is characterized by a lot of color, with a clear line of geometric figures, adds flamingos, palm trees, monsteras. Try to create a tropical climate that exudes life and joy.

And this is where we knew he was our man, because he represents what we wanted to convey on LOL. A place full of life, located in a special, colorful area that transmits joy. So we got in touch with him and started working.

The sensational murals of Antonyo Marest at LOL Hotel & Resort


We can find in LOL Hotel & Resort Antonyo Marest’s murals scattered throughout the complex. They all follow an aesthetic line, which gives harmony and coherence to what we wanted to transmit from LOL. Antonyo has achieved that when our guests walk through the resort, when they go to the pool or the restaurant, they capture the joy that our space tries to convey.

The hotel is located in an idyllic place, with mountains, sea, leisure, etc. which is something that gives it a lot of value. For this reason, the intention was to represent all this in the murals, which he achieved perfectly. When we see them we can appreciate the sand of the beaches of the Costa Blanca, the crystalline blue of the sea, the clear sky full of light. Also the characteristic vegetation of our area, the plants, the palm trees, all this is reflected in the corners of LOL.

We couldn’t be happier with Marest and its colors at the Resort!

When we think of the Mediterranean, in the things that characterize it, everything is related to joy, good vibes and peace. This is what Antonyo Marest together with LOL Hotel & Resort have wanted to convey at all times. A place where you can disconnect, where you can have peace of mind, where you can be happy and well.

The result has been spectacular, Antonyo has managed to give LOL a different aura, creating a more than special atmosphere. We are enormously grateful for his work, for his professionalism, for the joy with which he works and for the humility that characterize him.



Thanks Antonyo.

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